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About our process

We focus on innovation. New ideas. New markets. New opportunities.

A CEO might ask
"How does my company stay relevant as more things are automated?"
"How can my company best tie into the Smart Speaker market?"
We meet with clients to discuss specific challenges or opportunities.

We provide advice and familiarize ourselves with the client's company.

We pitch suggested paths forward.

Based on feedback, we expound on the ideas of interest, move forward with just 1 or 2 projects spanning 6+ months...or often years.

In recent months, we've begun to look into shorter consulting engagements for smaller companies (2-4 week software strategy & design sessions). Also, for that same market we are investing in a few partners through our newly launched partnerhip program!

A little history

Getting our start back in 1999, we began with custom software for hedge funds and investment banks that analyzed the stock market. From there, we moved into a wide range of solutions to deliver on the new opportunity that at the time was known as the Social Web, or web 2.0 (BEFORE Facebook & Twitter dominated the space)

Next, we expanded to help clients take advantage of CRM solutions and Video streaming (BEFORE Salesforce and YouTube were a "thing")
As cloud computing and smart phones began to take off, we helped clients transition their software into the cloud and we designed and developed a myriad of apps for iOS, Android, tablets and touchscreen kiosks

These days, of course we receive a lot of requests for strategy and design related to Artificial Intelligence, Smart Devices, Smart Homes, Wearables, the Internet of Things and believe it or not...we continue to innovate in the areas related to the social web, video streaming, CRM and software to analyze the financial markets (where we started)
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