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Research and publications

Mobile app to build my own news preference profile 2019 - current

Each day I download the news, browse what I want, and analyze my evolving preferences which could theoretically be imported into a news app that prioritizes data portability

Improved discussion of the news 2020 - current

Created an incentive based news discussion platform that encourags civility, creativity and exploration of opposing viewpoints

Digital card game 2021 - current

A fun multiplayer online card game to incentivize keeping up with the news while also teaching people how to read charts

Collaborative data collection tools 2016 - current

Tools for use by news organizations and consultancies for the ease of using the crowd to gather data and insights into industries and new markets

A custom wikipedia browser 2020 - current

Using various web scraping tools and APIs, I created a custom browser for Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia that enabled me to query information more quickly and privately, while also facilitating the creationg of news analysis tools