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Research and publications

Created activity software to promote wellness, friendship and local community 2010 - current

This has been an ongoing research project that I work on for fun, to try out new ideas, and to demonstrate alternative software concepts that could foster a better culture online. I believe social media companies have failed I work on tools that could restore humanity

I tried to warn people about social media! 2008 - 2015

Almost a decade before the Netflix hit show 'Social Dilemma', I told everyone I enountered about numerous concerns with the attention economy, and primarily Facebook. A few years later (starting in 2011) I wrote and then published 6 books related to these concerns in an attempt to help people understand the need to regulate and/or breakup tech monopolies. Based on research that I conducted, it became clear that Facebook and a few other companies grossly abused and manipulated society in very unethical and likely illegal ways in order to attain global dominance. Yes, Social Dilemma has built awareness, finally, but it is far too late...unfortunately.

Created a successful social network for college students 2003 - 2009

In 2003, I created a social network that was used by over a million people including students at 50+ colleges, and people from all over the world. It was branded, plus it was hosted as a white label service. A notable aspect of this company is that from day 1, there were robust user permissions, a clear concept of data ownership on behalf of every community member, plus, we had a simple, transparent business model that did not consist of ads or data mining.

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