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Research and publications

Finance tools (version 2) 2020 - current

With version 1, we just published snapshots from research projects. With version 2, research is dynamically generated based on custom settings set by the user

Finance tools (version 1) 2021

Overview and analysis of financial markets

Candlestick pattern analysis 2021

Examined predictability of future prices based on candlestick patterns

Supervised and unsupervised technical analysis 2020-2021

Used supervised and unsupervised learning to build a robust labeling system that was used to enhance an AI based trading strategy (while also increasing explainability)

A 2 part explanation

Grid search on various trading strategies 1998-2003, and 2020-2021

Used cloud computing to test a large number of parameters for a neural network based trading system. Research included comparing various model architectures such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), Encoder/Decoders, LSTMs, Transformers and ensembles

Synthetic data generator 2020-2021

Created tools for generating synthetic data for use in building chart labeling AI models

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